Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life – working to the rhythm of each person’s heart, and remembering that not every heart beats the same

Across the care sector everyone says they deliver ‘person centred care’ …….. but it’s not always clear what this actually is. This may be because the concept is still evolving, and there is no single agreed definition. However the main elements include: 

• Treating people with dignity & respect and helping them  exercise  as much choice as possible in their lives.

• Seeing each person as a unique individual and focussing on the person, not on their illnesses & disability.

• Valuing relationships, and ensuring positive engagement and interaction.

In Quantum Care we aim to help everyone understand how to make person centred care happen using our Rhythm of Life initiative.

Rhythm of Life has 5 key elements:


Ensuring people receive excellent physical care (because it’s hard to enjoy life if you are ill or in pain). 


Helping people maintain the relationships that are important to them, and also helping them build new ones with both workers and with other people using the services


Consulting and listening to people, adapting the way choice is offered to ensure options are understood, and helping people have control of their life to the full extent of their mental capacity


Treating and respecting each person as a unique individual, finding out about their personal history, what ‘makes them tick’ and using this knowledge to create positive experiences


Working together to put interest, enjoyment and meaning into people’s days. This includes actively creating opportunities for interaction, conversation and purposeful activity.

Rhythm of Life forms part of everything we do at Quantum Care.  All our staff receive training in Rhythm of Life and how they can contribute to ensuring that the 5 key elements are met for each and every person. We have a dedicated Rhythm of Life Co-Ordinator whose role it is to work within our homes to coach and mentor staff, as well as to carry out audits of the care being delivered. Each home also has a Rhythm of Life champion who is there to ensure that the home is working to the expected company standards, as well as providing guidance and support for both staff and relatives. In short, we are committed to ensuring that Rhythm of Life runs through each and every element of life in a Quantum Care home, and that our residents receive a truly person centred service.