Dining Clubs

Our award winning dining clubs

At Quantum Care, for many of our residents, going out for dinner with family and friends can present a lot of challenges so that’s why we have created the Dining Club. The aim of the Dining Club is to create a special occasion experience within our Homes that provides a restaurant quality service, atmosphere and meals within a safe and familiar environment, where carers are on hand to assist if needed.

The clubs are designed so that residents can invite their family or friends to share a special meal with them in their home. The dining area is dressed to give a restaurant experience with candles, special table decorations and background music. Guests are welcomed by a maître d, and provided with full table service.

The menu consists of a three course meal, with choices available for each course. All menus offer home-produced food throughout the service with as many seasonal dishes as possible. Soft drinks are provided, but guests are encouraged to bring in their favourite tipple to accompany the meal.

Catering for the clubs is provided by the Support Services Department with assistance from the home’s catering team. Table service is provided by volunteers from across the organisation, who are all attired in traditional black and white. For further information about the Dining Clubs, please speak to the Chef Manager in each home. Alternatively, you can contact us at Head Office via our Contact Us Page.