Meet the team

Ingrid Lucas

Q Club Day Care Manager

"Hi, I am Ingrid, I have been a part of Quantum Care since 30.03.2015 starting as a care worker and I have been in various roles since.

My current role is that of Q Club Manager at Bushey Day Centre, I love this role and my team are amazing. It was definitely the best choice in light of the changes of 2019.

We have a diverse clientele who we enjoy helping feel like it is their home from home.

I will go that extra mile to ensure all new clients feel happy when at the centre. We have a client who loves to walk doing 16k steps easy a day.  When she arrived, she was very unsettled and had to do two half days, on leaving on the second half-day I promised that we could go for a walk if she wanted on her next visit. Low and behold, on her next visit she reminded me that I promised to take on a walk. Now we have a routine, if she wants to go we set off for at least an hour. She does not realise this is helping us both - she is helping me to get fit!

On one of our hilly walks, I must have been breathing heavy, my lady asked me if I was okay, then she said "well if you are struggling then we should do even more walking" - we were laughing so hard!

My staff and Clients will also tell you I love music and dancing and can move my body." - Ingrid Lucas