The Mead day centre in Borehamwood is based within a purpose built care home situated in a quiet residential area and benefits from the full range of professional facilities as well as staff trained in specialist dementia care. The team at The Mead are committed to providing their members with a supportive, stimulating environment with activities tailored to suit their interests, preferences and ability level. Members can form strong relationships both with one another and the staff in the centre who reach out to all who attend and make sure that they know everyone as individuals.

The day centre opens out into the home’s garden area, giving easy access for any members who enjoy the outdoors. Seating areas are dotted about the garden for members to just sit and relax in the sunshine during the summer months and activities designed to get people out and active are easily organised by the day centre staff. Group activities are planned for every day to ensure that members have ample opportunity to come together while those requiring one to one interaction are catered for by the dedicated staff. Each day’s activity plan is designed based on the team’s knowledge of the members attending on that day and can be tailored to suit different preferences.

The relationship between the day centre and care home gives members ample opportunity to meet and interact with the residents, expanding their social circle and giving plenty of chance to meet new faces. The Mead is always happy to welcome new members to their day centre whether it’s for one day a week or five. To find out more about this day centre or to arrange a visit, please give the team a call.

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