Meet the team

Claire Doherty

Home Manager

The Home Manager runs all aspects of the home, taking care of the business side of things and ensuring their home provides a high standard of care. While each Manager brings their own flair to the role, they do all have some qualities in common, especially their leadership and organisational skills. The role is very varied, involving plenty of resident interaction alongside the more administrative work to keep the home running smoothly. Our Managers typically hold, or are working towards, a relevant qualification and have proven experience in caring for older people.

"From a little girl I have always wanted to run my own home, to have the ability to change people’s lives for the better is something I am truly grateful for. We all have good and bad days but knowing the positive impact that we have on residents and their families at some of the most challenging and heart breaking times of their lives makes it all worthwhile. Supporting staff and leading the way is something I am proud to do and I know we have the makings of future managers in our staff teams. It’s true what they say though, if you love what you do you’ll never “Work” a day in your life."- Claire Doherty

Alexandra Burger

Deputy Home Manager

Charlotte Gillespie


The Administrator will focus on the smooth running of the home; in whatever area they may be needed. From greeting visitors to recruiting, the Administrator is present in many aspects of life in the home, even if you don’t always see them! To be successful in the role, our Administrators have to be flexible and calm, able to multi-task and always keen to take on a new challenge. It’s often the Administrator that brings the IT skills to a home, helping them to keep everything organised. Above that though, Administrators are communicators, able to speak confidently and listen closely to everyone from Managers and Care Workers to visitors and residents.

"My job means a lot to me and I can honestly say I look forward to going to work every day. I feel I have the best job as I am able to interact with everyone as well as supporting the home, particularly the residents with whom I build fond lasting relationships with, seeing them smile makes my day. I am so grateful to work in the resident’s home, and to help them and their families on a daily basis in any way I can by being thoughtful and caring."-Charlotte Gillespie

Andrew Wright

Chef Manager

compromises on quality. They oversee every aspect of the catering operation, manage budgets, monitor performance and make sure we meet the diverse dietary needs of our residents. Chef Managers bring relevant qualification and experience with them to the role, but each one quickly adapts to the needs of their particular home and keeps the kitchen running without a hitch to provide residents the with varied, healthy and delicious meals that help to make the home their home.

‘I enjoy the different challenges I find in making different foods depending on what residents prefer or need’ – Andrew Wright

Caroline Perkis

Housekeeping Manager

Keeping the team of House Keepers running as it should is the House Keeping Manager. Supervising and organising their teams is just part of it as these Managers work alongside them to keep the home clean and inviting. The comfort of residents is the most important thing to our House Keeping Managers which is why they work so hard to create an environment in which residents can’t help but feel at home. Multi-tasking and communication skills are some of the most important of the House Keeping Manager’s qualities as they and their team create a home where resident’s dignity is never compromised and independence is always encouraged.

‘I enjoy working and being with the residents and the challenges I find in my role. I like the teamwork aspect to my work with other staff’ – Caroline Perkis

Suzanne Byfield

Activity Care Worker

The Activity Care Worker is creative, outgoing, caring and enthusiastic, traits that serve them well in providing the varied activity programmes to stimulate and entertain their residents. Challenges are a fixture of the job but the rewards are undeniable as the Activity Care Worker gets to bring new experiences to the residents and plays a large part in creating the friendly, open and supportive environments that are so important to a happy home. Training is comprehensive, so with or without prior experience, the Activity Care Worker is more than able to keep their residents active and happy in a fun and friendly setting.

‘I enjoy organising various activities, especially one to one sessions, so I can get to know our residents as individuals’ – Suzanne Byfield