Willow Court is one of Quantum Care’s smaller day centres. While this does limit their capacity for members with wheelchairs and walking aids, it also provides a more familial atmosphere. Members all know one another well as the staff organise activities and support those living with dementia in engaging with the group. In addition, the higher mobility level of our day centre in Harpenden encourages a more active environment with games such putt-putt golf being very popular. Willow Court also have their own knitting club, led by a volunteer with close links to the home, which members are welcome to join.

The community feel of the home and day centre is a great benefit to members, ensuring that they feel comfortable and at home while they’re at the day centre. Members do get out of day centre on trips quite often, most popularly to the seaside but smaller trips to local garden centres and other venues are common. The day centre at Willow Court benefits from the full range of facilities in the home, first and foremost from the kitchen with the catering team supplying a hot, two-course lunch every day but also from use of the bathing and laundry services for all members who need them. Appointments for things like hairdressing and chiropody can be arranged through the day centre to take place within the home, taking the pressure off home-carers. The close dynamic of the group is a definite advantage for the Willow Court day centre and is encouraged and maintained by the staff. It allows members to form real friendships and get more from their visits, providing the invaluable socialisation that those living along may otherwise struggle to find. It also acts as a wider support network as those who may have difficulty with certain activities find themselves supported and encouraged by each other. New faces are always welcome at the club with plenty of flexibility over how frequently members attend and how long they stay.

Willow Court has its own Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/willowcourt123/ - please visit there for the latest news and pictures from the home

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