Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions for families and friends

Why have I been unable to visit my loved one?

Over the course of the pandemic, Government-led restrictions on care home visiting have been in place in order to minimise the risk of infection to our residents and to protect both them and the staff teams who care for them. Following the initial closure in March to non-essential visitors, the Government has introduced limited and closely managed visiting into care homes in recognition of the importance of maintaining vital contact between families and their loved ones. However, all visits can only take place in homes that have been free of infection for 28 days and may be withdrawn following advice from our local Directors of Public Health, or as a result of local or national lockdown restrictions.

Are there any special circumstances when visits inside the home are allowed?

Throughout the pandemic, we have enabled visiting for residents in special circumstances, such as the deteriorating health of your loved one. Any such visits will need to be discussed with the Home Manager or a member of the Home’s Senior Team.

How do you operate visits to the home? 


Under the current lockdown restrictions, we are currently able to offer window visiting in our homes (with windows closed to prevent air flow) with some homes also able to offer visits behind substantial screens (in enclosed visiting pods). Very sadly, we have had to suspend our planned introduction of close contact visits using the lateral flow tests, as these visits are not permitted in lockdown. In light of this, and the likelihood of restrictions being in place for some time, we are planning alternative indoor visits with the construction of internal visiting pods beginning in early January for those homes that do not already have these facilities in place. Your Home Manager will keep you updated on the progress.


In order to ensure that all visits are managed in the safest way possible for all concerned, there are strict guidelines in place that we ask you to adhere to. We are operating a booking system and all bookings need to be made with the Home Manager or one of the senior team.


All care homes are different, and so we carry out risk assessments which result in individual guidance for each home, which will be provided by your Home Manager. The advice will also be dependent on the types of visit available in your homes, but the following general principles will help you to plan your visit: 


• All visits to the care home can only take place in a designated area
• We operate a strict appointment system so that we can safely manage additional visitors and ensure that we can prepare and clean after the visit
• All visitors will undergo a well-being check on arrival and your information will be taken for track and trace purposes. You must not visit if you are feeling unwell for any reason.
• You will be asked to apply hand sanitiser on arrival at the home, and again when you leave
• For window visits, the window must remain closed at all times
• Visits may be limited to 30 minutes to enable everyone to receive visitors equally
• You will be required to supply and wear a facemask or face covering for some or all of your visit. If you do not have a face mask or covering, then we can provide you with one
• To enable your loved one to better recognise you and to aid communication, try to maintain eye contact and wear clothing or your hair in a way that will help your loved one to recognise you
• You must remain at least two metres from any staff member at all times
• We will provide seating which will be sanitised before and after your visit
• We may be able to offer refreshments, but these will be in disposable cups for visitors. Please do not bring in food and drink to share with your loved one. Any rubbish must be disposed of by you in the bin provided in the designated area
• Any gifts for residents must be washable as they will require sanitisation
• The home’s guest toilet facilities will not be open for visits as this involves entering into the care home. In an urgent situation this should be discussed with a staff member

We appreciate your continued support through strict adherence to these procedures to ensure that our residents, colleagues and you are protected as far as possible.


Please note that all visiting is only available in homes that have been free of any infection for 28 days. These visits may also be withdrawn following advice from our local Directors of Public Health, as well as any additional advice or guidance from the local infection control team or central Government. Your Home Manager will keep you updated about visiting in your home and will provide you with a visitors' guide.


As always, the health and welfare of residents, colleagues and visitors remain our top priority. Thank you for your continued support and patience during these difficult times.

How will you operate the new Covid Rapid Swab Visitor Testing when permitted?

When the current restrictions come to an end, when permitted we will be offering Covid Rapid Swab Testing kits (often referred to as Lateral Flow Tests) for visitors, which will enable residents to meet their loved ones in person. 


The Covid Rapid Swab Tests can determine whether a visitor currently has Covid-19 within 30 minutes of being carried out. Subject to a negative result, visitors can proceed to a designated area within the home, where they can meet their loved one. There will be strict protocols in place during the visit to maintain the health and welfare of all concerned, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment at all times. All visits will be by appointment only to enable us to manage this process safely.


Each resident will be able to receive up to two designated and constant visitors at a time. The duration of the visits will be up to a maximum of 45 minutes, but visitors should plan for the entire visiting process to take approximately 2 hours from start to finish. Each home is different and will therefore require individual instructions for visitors, which will be communicated by the Home Manager as soon as we are able to proceed with these visits.


Details on how we will operate the new Covid Rapid Swab Visitor Testing can be found in this downloadable PDF document.

How can I keep in touch with my loved one if the home is closed?

For any of our homes that are closed to visitors, our colleagues will do everything they can to ensure that life remains as comfortable and sociable as possible, and will use technology such as video calling to support relatives to maintain contact with their loved ones throughout this period.

How are residents being kept active?

Our activities and entertainment teams continue to run a regular schedule of daily activities to help keep our residents active, entertained and engaged. These are planned in keeping with social distancing policies. We are also making good use of our gardens, weather permitting, to ensure that residents have safe access to fresh air and outdoor exercise.

Do you have adequate food supplies in the homes?

All of our homes are well supplied with provisions from our usual suppliers with whom we have built up strong relationships over the years. Our supply chains remain as strong as ever but should we encounter any difficulties, we have contingency plans in place. We are ensuring that any deliveries to the home are made in a safe and controlled manner

How are you maintaining the health and welfare of residents and staff?

At Quantum Care we are taking the Covid-19 outbreak extremely seriously and are following all the latest Government and Public Health England advice. As well as limiting access inside our homes we have strict hygiene rules throughout our homes, including regular disinfection of frequently touched objects and surfaces and the use of PPE at all times to reduce the spread of infection. In addition, we are carrying out regular health checks on all residents in order to detect at the earliest opportunity if a resident becomes unwell.


On arrival for their shift at the home, colleagues are being asked a series of health screening questions about their own health and that of their family before they have contact with residents, as well as having their temperature taken. We are also providing regular advice and guidance to colleagues as to how to keep themselves healthy, including the importance of social distancing when not working at the home.

Do you have adequate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment?

There has been much attention in the media during the pandemich about homes having no access to Personal Protective Equipment. We want to reassure you that all our colleagues have access to the full range of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment as set out in the guidance we receive from Public Health England. We have been working hard to secure adequate stocks and continue to have supplies delivered.

Do you have adequate staffing levels?

We want to pay tribute to our wonderful dedicated colleagues who continue to provide love, care and support to our residents during this difficult time. Our brilliant staff teams remain strong and we are continuing to successfully recruit new colleagues during this time.

Is Covid-19 testing currently available for staff and residents?

All of our homes are regularly testing residents and colleagues for Covid-19. There are two types of tests available within our homes: the PCR tests (carried out in the home and then sent to a labaratory for anaylsis) and the LFT tests which give a result in 30 minutes. The home's senior team will keep you informed about testing in your home.


What happens if my loved one develops Covid-19?

If a resident develops the symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19, they will immediately be isolated within their room to allow us to complete the period of isolation advised by the UK Government. We will contact our local health professionals as well as Public Health England to notify them of the resident’s illness and to seek further guidance. Our main priority is to provide care for the resident concerned as well as protecting staff and other residents from contracting the illness.


We will follow the strict protocols for the care and support of individuals with Covid-19, in line with all the latest Government guidance, including the use of full PPE for staff at all times. We will continue to closely monitor the resident and will seek further medical assistance where necessary.


We will inform the nominated Next of Kin immediately if their loved one becomes unwell and will provide regular updates on their health and wellbeing.


If you are worried about your loved one, then you can contact the Home Manager or a member of the Home’s Senior Team at any time

Are you admitting new residents to the home?

We are accepting new admissions into our care homes for those people whose care needs can no longer be met at home or in hospital. In doing so, the health and wellbeing of current residents remains our top priority, and we have therefore placed strict criteria on any new admissions which include:

  • Ensuring all new admissions from hospital will only be people deemed safe to be discharged from hospital and who have tested negative for Covid-19 at their point of discharge, but still need support in a community care setting;

  • Screening all admissions from those within the community to ensure that they are not displaying symptoms of Covid-19, have not been in contact with anybody who is confirmed or suspected of having Covid-19 within the last 14 days and have tested negative for Covid-19 just prior to their planned admission;

  • Placing any new residents into self-isolation for a period of fourteen days, as per Government and Public Health England guidance. Upon assessment, if a prospective resident cannot self isolate for any reason, then we will decline the admission to ensure the safety of current residents within the home;

  • Closely monitoring all new arrivals, with daily health and temperature checks;

  • We will not take admissions for new residents into any home that is currently affected by Covid-19. We will re-evaluate the position once a home has been clear of any infection for at least 28 days;

This means that no person who has tested positive for the virus, or who is showing symptoms consistent with the virus, will be admitted to the care home.

For further information on new admissions, you can contact your local home directly, or call our central team on 01707 393293.

Have any of the homes been affected by Covid-19?

We are deeply saddened that some of our homes have been impacted by Covid-19 and our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with all those who have been affected by this illness.


If Covid-19 is confirmed or suspected in one of our homes, our relatives will be informed and updated regularly by the local teams. We understand that this has been an extremely difficult time for everybody and how hard it has been for those of you who have been unable to comfort your loved ones during this time. While we can never replace the love of relatives and friends, please know that our staff teams will continue to support and care for all our residents to the very best of our ability. 


We continue to work closely with our Local Authority and Health teams, and we are following all Government and Public Health England advice in relation to infection protection and control. We also want to assure you that we are continuing to do everything in our power to keep life as normal and enjoyable for residents as possible. 


If you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Home Manager.