Archadia Sponsor the Quantum Care Internal Care Awards 2011

5 April 2011

Archadia is an architectural practice established in 1993 specialising in the design of homes and housing for older and disabled people. We are particularly interested as a practice in designing for people’s changing needs over time and are involved in the design of many types of living accommodation ranging from self-contained flats to residential care homes. This includes the design of common areas and facilities such as cinemas, coffee shops, day centres and both teaching and residential accommodation at special schools.

We recognise the contribution that well thought out design can make to the comfort and dignity of people living in our buildings and are involved with various policy and ‘think tank’ organisations such as Housing LIN and the PSSRU. We contribute to and follow the development of ideas and trends and are at the forefront of design thinking in this important sector.

We have carried out a number of new build schemes as well as alterations to existing buildings, both to improve and remodel the living accommodation and to alter and remodel the design of the common areas to provide enhanced accommodation for the people living in the scheme.

At Archadia, we are sensitive to the different architectural styles required in different situations and pride ourselves on producing high quality architecture using different vocabularies. We believe that our wide experience in this sector gives us an understanding of the needs and operational methods of our clients and our expertise enables us to find our way through the often complex and challenging planning issues involved with these sites. At a detailed level, we take care to carry through the quality of the initial design through to the construction stage and green issues are given a high priority as sustainable design becomes ever more important within all aspects of construction.

The Quantum Care Internal Care Awards 2011 are about rewarding members of our staff who make an outstanding contribution to the lives of the people for whom we care. We want to be able to identify and thank staff who are committed to excellence and best practice.