A Day at The Opera

22 September 2010

On the 2nd September residents and staff from a number of Quantum Care homes were treated to an operatic performance at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire.

The artists from the Connaught Opera (Glenn Wilson, Maria Arakie and pianist Nicholas Bosworth) treated everyone to a wonderful rendition of a number of operatic and other well known songs and musical pieces.

Permission to stage the opera within Knebworth House itself was kindly offered free of charge by the Lytton Cobbold family and it's hard to imagine a more magnificent setting with its gold trimmed chandeliers, beautiful wood panelling and other historic items.

The residents soon joined in with the songs as Maria and Glenn took turns to sing, wandering around the room and interacting with the audience as they did so. We were also treated to a breathtaking piano arrangement of a number of different well known compositions by Nicholas which had us all tapping our feet, clapping and singing along.

It was a lovely day in a lovely setting.