27 August 2020



Staff and residents at Fosse House were thrilled last week when they collected the keys to the homes very own minibus.


The home has been fundraising for the past 18 months in a bid to have a minibus they can call their own. Staff have been organising lots of fundraising events and also got involved in a ‘food-share’ scheme, where the staff give donations on a weekly basis for food that would otherwise go to landfill due to packaging not passing trading standards. Any leftover food is then donated to food banks.


This together with the many kind donations from relatives made it possible for the home to apply to West Herts Charity Trust for a minibus. The aim of the local charity group is to support and assist other charities by providing suitable training and vehicles including minibuses.


Fosse House was delighted to hear that they had been chosen to receive one of the converted mini buses. This meant the target of £8000 was no longer needed yet with the tremendous efforts from the staff and some generous donations from the relatives the home could afford the contribution needed to receive the charities 99th vehicle donation.


Fosse House Home Manager Z Hiscox said: “We are thrilled with the mini-bus and cannot wait until outings can be resumed again. When we first decided to start fundraising for a mini-bus it seemed an impossible task to raise such a large amount of money. We wouldn’t have done it without the kind generous donations received from family members and the funds raised by the staff from our Café contributions and our weekly ‘food-share’. I am so incredibly proud of every single member of the team here.”


“With huge thanks and gratitude to West Herts Charity Trust, what an amazing charity. The donation also included the minibus being sign-written so we hope to be seen out and about in the local community.”


Fosse House resident Maureen said: “It is absolutely marvellous; I am looking forward to going to Southend at the weekend – when we are allowed to go on outings again.”


Due to the generosity of the West Herts Charity Trust Fosse House had surplus funds left over in the mini-bus collection so staff and residents agreed that they would like to purchase a slushy machine for the homes Café for everyone to enjoy.


Well done Team Fosse! Another milestone accomplished!