Happy 100th Birthday to Edna from Courtland Lodge

9 February 2017

Wishing a very happy, though belated, 100th birthday to Edna from Courtland Lodge! Guests came from as far away as Wales to join her to celebrate the occasion with many gifts, balloons and cards decorating her room. After marking such a special occasion, Edna and her family spoke about her journey to Courtland and it’s only fitting to share it. The daughter of a Bristol Rovers football player, Edna is originally from Wales and is the oldest of four siblings. Together with her sister they helped to bring up their younger brothers after their mother passed when Edna was 16. In her early 20s she married Hubert and, in the late 1950s, they moved to Hertfordshire where her and her husband ran a chicken farm. Later, they settled in Watford where they moved in with the Johnson family who employed Edna as the family housekeeper. They quickly became part of family life with Edna loving nothing more than to spoil the three children. Upon retirement, the couple moved to Tunnel Wood Road where Edna cared for Hubert as his health declined. It was here that they met Tony and Loris and became firm friends. After Hubert’s passing, Edna, Tony and Loris shared many adventures including trips to Ascot and a surprise Ferrari ride! At 95, Edna joined us at Courtland Lodge where she enjoys regular visits from family and friends and was delighted that so many were able to join her on this special day.