Quantum Care’s Approach to News stories and Social Media posts during the Covid-19 Pandemic

22 June 2020

The Quantum Care family has not escaped the reach of the Covid-19 pandemic, with residents, their families, friends and our staff members all affected in some way. It’s heart breaking for each and every one of us when a member of this extended family is lost to this dreadful illness.  

Whilst many of us come to terms with the gravity of the situation around us, we are working really hard to keep things as normal as possible for residents in our homes. We are continuing to provide a regular schedule of daily activities to help keep our residents active, entertained and engaged; all planned in keeping with social distancing policies. We are also helping residents to maintain vital contact with their loved ones through the use of telephone and video calling. In these difficult times, it is these stories of hope and positivity that we share in our News stories and on our Social Media sites.