Quantum Trainers Rated Gold by Alzheimers Society

26 February 2010

Quantum Care uses the Alzheimers' Society accreditation for its Dementia Trainers, recognising that the Society is committed to providing high quality dementia care training and produces some excellent resources which are used widely in Quantum dementia training.

The Approved Trainer Scheme aims to recognise the expertise of dementia trainers. Following their annual assessment for the scheme, Sue Harrison, Learning and Development Manager and Jo Barber, Company Trainer have been awarded Approved Trainer status at the highest Gold Level by the Alzheimers Society. To quote the Society's information on the scheme:

"An Alzheimer's Society Approved Trainer:

  • is recognised by the Society for their training expertise and approach
  • has access to support and information from the Society
  • has access to a network of people working in the field of dementia care training
  • is licensed to deliver Society training courses.

Commissioners can be assured that a Society Approved Trainer:

  • is recognised and approved by the leading organisation in the field of dementia care
  • has an approach to training based upon current best practice
  • is subject to regular monitoring and evaluation by the Society
  • is committed to their professional development in this field
  • works within an agreed code of ethical conduct. "

So how do you get on the scheme? Well the revised scheme recognises trainers through an assessment of three key areas:

  • Experience of working with people with dementia.
  • Skills and experience in providing training
  • Knowledge in the area of dementia.

The assessment process involves a half day observation of training delivery and the provision of references and evaluations from previous training clients. The scheme is actively monitored and annual assessment is required.

As of autumn 2009, the successful assessments can result in awards at one of four levels: Provisional, Approved at Bronze, Approved at Silver and Approved at Gold (previously trainers were simply Approved Trainers). Each stage of approval is linked to the Alzheimer's Society's training pathway and access to specific Alzheimer's Society training resources linked to the level the trainer has been approved to.