Quantum's First Silver Walk to Hyde Valley House!

6 July 2017

On 1st July, a group of staff, family and friends set out from Quantum Care’s head office to Hyde Valley House for the first of our Silver Walks! To celebrate our 25th anniversary, volunteers will walk between each of our homes and a baton along. One walk will be held every two weeks until, at the start of July 2018, the baton arrives back in Welwyn Garden City in time for our 26th birthday party! Each home will throw their own party for the walkers as they arrive so that all of our residents can join in with the celebrations. The walks will be sponsored as part of our year of fundraising, raising money for our Residents’ Amenities Fund. Hyde Valley House greeted the walkers with a fantastic party, complete with birthday cake and live entertainment! They will be setting out to the next home, Beane River View, on Wednesday 12th July to pass the baton along. If you would like to sponsor an individual or group for one or more walks, or if you’d like to take part yourself, please get in touch!