Testimonials for Belmont View

24 June 2014

It is gratifying to see positives in care home. I recently visited a relative staying in respite in Belmont Care Home in Hoddesdon, who is suffering with dementia. After hearing all the negative and horror stories in care homes for the elderly in the media, I was most impressed by the Belmont Home. I found it to be clean, bright and the staff very open and friendly and a good atmosphere all around. The patients looked well cared for and happy. It is most gratifying to see some positive in a local home.

Mrs Irene Moss


We were so impressed with how you run the home and the services and support available, can I ask what the process is to request that mum be put on the waiting list for HCC bed in Belmont View? What can we as a family do? Or is this something that Janet Cole as NHS social worker needs do?

Many thanks again,