Wedding at Courtland Lodge!

5 August 2016

A beautiful story from Courtland Lodge; the team there were approached by a resident’s family telling them that there was a wedding taking place in the family. However, the big day was lined up to take place in Argentina in September, making it quite difficult for much of the family to attend. So they asked the home if they could make use of their Best Friends Café for the day to host a private ceremony. The local vicar was called in and the family all came in for a small blessing service in the home. The ceremony itself was kept private but the residents did enjoy a visit from the bride and bridesmaid and were very happy to admire the dresses and bouquets! It’s fantastic to see such a lovely event taking place in Courtland Lodge and it’s wonderful that we could help this family celebrate together. We’d like to add our congratulations and best wishes for the wedding in September!