Pink PJ Day

Dukeminster Court staff and residents held a PJ’s Pink Day to raise money for Breast Cancer Support. Thank you to everyone that donated and contributed. #quantumcare #pinkday #dunstable #elderlycare #breastcancerresearch

Quantum Choir!

Richard Cox House residents were treated by a visit from Quantum Quavers Choir; the residents were happily singing along to the choir’s songs.  #singingmakesyouhappy  #quantum


Our residents from Trefoil House enjoyed a morning of Oomph, which included a gentle warm up, and concluded in upbeat tennis/style game.

Namaste Relaxation Sessions

Group Namaste is becoming very popular activity at Pinewood Lodge.

We invited Sarah Donnelly to help share some of her yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation

techniques. Sarah spoke to us about how we can practise mindful habits to cope with worries we may have and to start loving ourselves from within.



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