4th UK Dementia Congress in Harrogate 4th & 5th November 2009

23 November 2009

Bringing the vision to life: the Dementia Care Leadership course.

Sue Harrison (Learning and Development Manager) joined up with Buz Loveday (of Dementia Trainers) to deliver a presentation to this important congress on the development and impact of the new Level 3 Leadership in Dementia Care Award. This award was proposed and commissioned by Quantum Care and developed by Buz Loveday (an experienced and well respected dementia consultant) to gain accreditation from NOCN. It has been undertaken by all Home Managers and Deputies.

This investment in dementia leadership training reflects Quantum Cares' commitment to developing its dementia services and meeting the standards set in the National Dementia Strategy. In particular, the new award targets Objective 11 : Living well with dementia in Care Homes: which calls for "Improved quality of care for people with dementia in Care Homes by the development of explicit leadership for dementia within Care Homes..."
Buz and Sue would like to thank the following people who allowed examples of their work-based projects to be used to help to bring the presentation to life:
Trish Daniels of Heath House, Jackie Beaumont and Julie Davey from Providence Court, Jackie Harper of Richard Cox House, Mel Kemsley from Tye Green Lodge and Karen Pay from Mayfair Lodge.