Activity Workers Interactive Workshop

In recognition of the importance of promoting activities and interaction in the Homes, the training department runs development workshops for our care home activity workers and day centre staff at regular intervals throughout the year.

These sessions may include speakers and tutors on specialist topics, but they are also forums in which activity workers from across the organisation can meet to share their experiences and expertise.

July Activities at Tye Green Lodge

The activities team at Tye Green Lodge have organised a number of activities for residents for the month of July.

  • 6th July - Church service in the home.
  • 7th July - Pub lunch at the Potters Arms in Church Langley.
  • 8th July - Weekend in Blackpool for a group of residents and their carers.
  • 20th July - Methodist Church service.
  • 28th July - Visiting entertainment from "One Man Stand".

Plus there are weekly exercise classes, games sessions and friends and family coffee mornings that will run throughout the month.

Regular Charitable Events at Silver Court

Staff at Silver Court, Quantum Care's head office in Welwyn Garden City, have started a new initiative to raise funds for charity. On a regular basis, a different department from head office will select a charity and then create a selection of food for the rest of head office to a price. The type of food created will be entirely down to the discretion of the selected department and we're expecting a few surprises.

The next event will take place on Monday 27th June and will be run by the Finance Department.

Pioneering Care Environments - Trefoil House Care Home, Luton.

When we commissioned the design and construction of Trefoil House, Quantum Care's new care home in Luton, we wanted to create something special. We were convinced that breaking out of the traditional design elements within the care home sector would deliver a living environment to our residents that would rival some of the best modern designs in the country. The results were not disappointing.


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