Q Club Day Centres in Hertfordshire

Our day centres are ideal for those still living in the community, either independently or with families/carers. Thanks to the facilities of the homes our day centres are based in, we are able to provide professional care to members and are happy to welcome older people living with dementia, mobility limitations and other disabilities. Similarly, we cater for those who simply want some additional support or stimulation but are capable of caring for themselves at home. The benefits of our day centres are clear to see, most obviously in terms of the boost they give to their members who find themselves a part of an entirely new social group with plenty of different experiences to take part in. Just as important, however, is the respite we provide for those caring for elderly relatives, allowing them time to run errands, go to work or enjoy some time for themselves.

Why Choose a Quantum Care Day Centre?

If you need a break from looking after a loved one or you are a carer seeking alternative daycare solutions or you need to take some time off for half or a full day, our service is ideal. Our day centres in Hertfordshire offer day time care for the older person in a caring and stimulating environment. We understand that sometimes you need a break to catch up with the demands of everyday life and our Q Clubs give you the opportunity to do just that, knowing that your loved one is in the safe hands of our caring and dedicated staff, in a warm and friendly environment.

Each of our Q Clubs offers:

  • A full range of leisure activities
  • Parties, outings and social events
  • Personal services, including hairdressing and chiropodist
  • Comfortable surroundings with both indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Warm, caring and enthusiastic staff

With Q Clubs based in Quantum Care Homes across Hertfordshire, you are sure to find the right one for you. On the opposite page is a list of our day centre locations in Hertfordshire. All of our day centres offer a free trial session (to include a hot meal) to all new users so that you can get to know us.

For details on each of our clubs, including their range of services and contact information, please select your preferred day centre and location from the menu or you can download our brochure using the link below.

Q Club Day Centre Brochure