Categories & Entry Instructions

Nominations for Quantum Care Awards 2019 are open from Wednesday 15th May 2019. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download Nominations Form (PDF).

Below is the list of award categories and their criteria for this year's Quantum Care Awards. 

The award categories are listed below in the following order:

  • Carer of the Year
  • Catering Team Award
  • Housekeeping Team Award
  • Outstanding Dementia Care Award
  • Changing Lives Award
  • Community Engagement Award
  • Registered Home Manager Award
  • Learning and Development Award



This award is for an individual. Nominations can be accepted from residents, relatives, staff and other visitors. This award will be made to a carer who works during the day or night, and who demonstrates the following attributes:
  • Sensitivity
  • Kindness
  • Positive approach and attitude
  • Friendly
  • Empathic
  • Reassuring
  • Delivering on promises
  • Calmness
  • Gentleness
  • Willingness to listen
  • Reliability
  • Demonstrates their commitment to
  • Rhythm of Life


This award is for a team. Nominations can be accepted from residents, relatives, staff and other visitors. This award will be made to the Catering Team who meet the following criteria:
  • Provide nutritious, tasty and well-presented food
  • Actively take part in catering events
  • Celebrate special events for individual residents
  • Ensure that all residents’ individual needs are met
  • Involve residents in menu planning and actively seek feedback
  • Work well as a team
  • Takes opportunities to contribute the Rhythm of Life


This award is for a team. Nominations can be accepted from residents, relatives, staff and other visitors. This award will be made to the Housekeeping Team that works together in an effective manner, whilst adhering to company policies and procedures to ensure that the home is clean, tidy, dirt, dust and smell free. They will also demonstrate that they put residents’ comfort first and help to create a homely environment. Judges will be looking for the team to meet the following criteria:
  • Maintain standards of cleanliness
  • Promote residents’ rights to dignity, privacy and choice
  • Understand the needs of the residents and home
  • Has positive relationships with both residents and other staff
  • Promotes excellent infection control practices
  • Takes opportunities to promote Rhythm of Life 


This award is for a team. Nominations can be accepted from residents, relatives, staff and other visitors. This award will be made to a Dementia Care Team who can demonstrate that outstanding dementia care is being delivered into the home. Evidence of such should include: 
  • Use dementia best practice knowledge to improve the environment including; orientation, wayfinding, independence, reduce falls or encourage social interaction
  • Use their knowledge of the individual to solve problems when a person with dementia finds care difficult to understand and accept
  • Research and continually develop new innovations for people living with dementia and introduce these into the home successfully
  • Demonstrate a high level of understanding the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, manifestations of pain and delirium and its relationship with dementia
  • Observational evidence is recorded in care plans and shared daily with other members of staff


This award is for an individual. Nominations can be accepted from residents, relatives, staff and other visitors. This award is for an individual who has gone far above and beyond to change the life of a resident or day care member on one or more occasions by:
  • Understanding that sometimes it is the small things that count for example; tracking down old family photos, replacing/repairing a precious item or arranging an activity specific to a personal request
  • Going out of their way to engage with a resident(s) that appears withdrawn relieving feelings of stress, worry and anxiety 
  • Putting in extra effort to ensure that a resident(s) maintains regular involvement in an important aspect of their life (this may include cultural / traditional beliefs)
  • Making a special effort with a resident resulting in noticeable improvement in any aspect of their physical or emotional health by introducing them to activities that promote wellbeing and happiness 


This award is for an individual or a team. Nominations can be accepted from residents, relatives, staff and other visitors. This award will be made to an individual or team that have made a noticeable effort in ensuring that the home is known by the general public and local businesses in its community. The nomination should include supporting evidence such as: 
  • Regularly hosting events that are open to the public and are attended by local groups and/or individuals. This may include younger members of the public (nurseries, schools and colleges)
  • External groups meet regularly in the home and allow resident participation i.e. knitting, crafting, choir and similar interests
  • Fundraising contributions are sought from local businesses, schools and other members of the public 
  • Regular residents’ outings are planned to local places of interest
  • The home offers advice and support in the community, for example, setting up a dementia café or support group
  • Relationships with local charities and other community support groups
  • Promotional materials are regularly shared in the community
  • Volunteer Groups – skills based volunteer groups visit the home, this can include Tesco and similar corporate organisations
  • Forming a social group for relatives and friends 


This award is for Registered Home Managers only. Nominations can be accepted from residents, relatives, staff, professionals and other visitors to the home. This award will be made to the Home Manager with the following attributes:
  • Leads a team by having a clear focus on what is expected from each member of the team, sets clear standards, deals with poor performance quickly and fairly, and gives recognition where deserved
  • Encourages staff and creates an environment in which staff are able to learn and develop continually, achieve their ambitions and where effective team working is encouraged
  • Has very good knowledge of up to date care practice and shares this with staff, sets an example of what good care is and is a powerful role model for all staff
  • Is a first class communicator at all levels, ensures that everyone knows what is happening in the home and in Quantum Care in general
  • This person must be hands-on, influential, approachable and an inspiration to his/her staff 


This award is for an individual. Nominations can be accepted from Quantum Care staff only. This award is intended to honour a member of staff based in the homes, who has shown real commitment to promoting learning and personal development to ensure high quality care is delivered. This individual will be someone who: 
  • Identifies individual learning needs accurately and organises effectively to enable staff to attend training, update knowledge and develop their skills and careers
  • Champions good practice throughout the home (e.g. as a Key Trainer or Champion)
  • Is an excellent role model who challenges poor practice and coaches others
  • Takes a lead role in inducting new starters e.g. being shadowed, assessing the Care Certificate standards
  • Understands that people learn in different ways and is able to give appropriate support and encouragement


  • Choose the category or categories for which you want to nominate the member of staff or team
  • Read the judging criteria very carefully
  • Describe what you feel makes the person or team you are nominating worthy of the award you have chosen. It will be helpful to the judges if you give specific details of things they have done, using the criteria listed as a guide
  • You can provide support for your nomination by providing photographs, testimonies or any other supporting evidence if you wish, but please ensure that the name of the nominee and the award you have nominated them for is clearly labelled on each piece of supporting documentation
  • If you are completing the Entry Form by hand please complete in block capitals on the Entry
  • Form attached the details of the person or team you are nominating and the award you are nominating them for
  • Complete your own details in block capitals in the space provided on the Entry Form
  • Alternatively you can hand your Entry Form to your Home’s Administrator who will send it on your behalf

All entries must be received by Friday 21st June 2019

RULES FOR ENTRY                                

  • Entries are treated in the strictest of confidence
  • Entries cannot be returned
  • Use one Entry Form per entry – photocopies are acceptable
  • The completed Entry Form must be signed by the person nominating
  • There will be three finalists in each category other than for the Housekeeping and Catering
  • Awards where there will be two finalists
  • All winners will be announced on the night at the Quantum Care Awards Ceremony on Friday 18th October 2019 at Sopwell House in St Albans