Quantum Care Silver Walks

As part of our 25th Anniversary Celebrations, we have an initiative called Silver Walks which aims to involve all of our homes in a special birthday party to celebrate 25 years of delivering excellent care.

With 26 Quantum Care homes, we decided to host a ‘Silver Walk’, whereby every two weeks staff, relatives and friends put on their walking shoes to complete a 200 mile relay between the homes. The departing home sends off the walking party, complete with the relay baton and supplies at the ready. The receiving home then receives the weary walkers with a special 25th Anniversary celebration, complete with party food and birthday cake.

The Silver Walks give the homes the opportunity to build even stronger relationships with each other, as well as raising sponsorship money for their Amenities funds. There are a few tired feet, but it is well worth it!

Here you can see some of the photos from our walks