Incredible Letter Sent to Belmont View

Second page of thank you letter to Belmont View care home HoddesdonA beautiful letter sent to Belmont View regarding the exceptional care they provide. The writer’s father was a resident at the home up until he very sadly passed away. During his time at Belmont, he and his son experienced all the stages of care we provide: beginning with a respite visit, followed by full residential care and then end of life care, with his son receiving support from our staff following his father’s passing. When working in care, it is crucial to form good, supportive relationships with the families of those we care for as well as our residents themselves. We’re incredibly proud that throughout this gentleman’s time with us, our staff offered that support to his family, ensuring they understood the care he needed and how it was being provided. We would like to add our condolences to those of the team at Belmont View, and reiterate how proud we are of our staff for making such a difference during these incredibly difficult times in peoples’ lives.

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