Letter to Belmont View from Respite Resident's Family

Staff at Belmont View received a beautiful card from the family of a resident currently staying with them for respite. The family have had many years of difficulty in sorting out care for their mother and we incredibly relieved to have found the support they needed at Belmont.
‘Dear Deb, Maria, Louise & the Staff of Belmont,
I would like to express a huge thank you and gratitude to each of every one of you who looked after my mother so well. You made a situation, that I have been dealing with and frustratingly being ignored for the last 9 years, much more pleasant for me but especially my mum and you have made a huge difference to both our lives.
You have all been exceptionally professional and accommodating in meeting and caring for my mum’s needs and for that we can only say thank you.
Deb; I want to say a personal thanks to you for being so understanding in what has been a very traumatic and difficult time for me and mum. Not only have you all dealt with my mother, but you all have supported me and let me “let off steam”. Although my steam was never to be vented at Belmont as you have been amazing!!! So please forgive my manner at times; frustration is simply frustrating!!!
Again, if my mother ever needs to be place in respite, I would hope you would not hesitate in having her back, as for me, that’s a work in progress!!! Again a huge thank you to you all’

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