Beautiful Letter for Tye Green Lodge

This beautiful letter was sent to Tye Green Lodge from the friend of one their residents who passed away. It’s touching to see just what an incredible different Tye Green made to this lady and how important this was to those who knew her.
‘To all who cared so lovingly for Emily during her time at Tye Green – Joan, Lisa, Sue, Alison and more I haven’t mentioned here.
She came to Tye Green at a time in her life that she needed to be cared for, with you, she had that in abundance, together with your love and friendship, I just hope you all were aware how much it meant to my dear friend.
We meet people in our lifetime who make a lasting impression on us, Emily was one of those people, and how lucky we were to have known her.
Thank you all for what you did to make her last years happy ones.
Bless each one of you.’

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