Greenacres Compliment Letter from Family

The team at Greenacres received this very kind letter from the family of one of their residents:

‘Dear Connie
Ronnie and I would like to let you know how much we appreciated the excellent care that you gave to Charles, especially during the last six months. Whenever we visited, at all odd times, he was always comfortable, washed, shaved and properly dressed. The staff were always cheerful and caring doing a difficult job. In addition, we would like to compliment you on the standards of cleanliness in the home, particularly the fact that there were no nasty smells.
The residents in Primrose Ward are very well care for by caring staff who always appear to have time to talk to them (even though they are very busy!!). Once again, can we thank you for helping us through a difficult time that was made easier knowing that Charles was in excellent care.’

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