Amazing Message for Fosse House

Fosse House received some amazing comments from the family of one of their relatives in a lovely email sent to the manager. The feedback received was brilliant, showing just how much of a difference the staff at Fosse House make not just to their residents’ lives but their families as well! Here are a few extracts from the email:

‘I'd also like to specifically single out staff members in particular. Zoe, Sue, James, Beth for organising and decorating Dad's room for Diwali - it was a complete surprise and shock - They went to so much trouble for such a special day for us, with entertainment, food and decorations. It was one of the nicest things ever done for us.’

‘I always see how comfortable and relaxed Dad is - It's what I have been praying for - That he is in a home where he can be the way he is, but be loved, accepted and given the care and attention as we would have at home.’

‘there are days where I can go to work, and for an hour or two I don't think of Dad but smile knowing where he is and how well looked after he is and that ANYTHING we have as a concern will be heard and acted upon immediately. That is the best thing for our family to know and feel daily and Fosse House and its amazing staff provide that and more on a daily basis.’

‘We are so grateful and I want to express that about everyone at Fosse house.’

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