Compliment Card for Mayfair Lodge

This wonderful card was sent to Mayfair Lodge after these new residents moved into the home. It’s fantastic to hear just how big a difference you all made from the moment that this lady contacted Quantum Care, well done!

‘Dear Jackie

Thank you! You and your team have been wonderful over the last week sorting out the care for [them]. You have all made it so easy for me to finally help them. I can’t believe that it’s less than a week since I first contacted Quantum Care and spoke to a lovely lady called Cathy, then meeting Carmen who showed us around and made us feel so welcome. Fran and you came to meet me the next day at [their] home – and that wasn’t easy but again you gave me such comfort and made such a huge task seem [easy]…

…Emanuel took such care of [them] – again nothing was too much for them. When [he] told me that he now felt safe, I felt so happy.’

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