A few reasons why our Belmont View Home is loved

We were delighted to receive the following letter from a resident’s family member upon choosing our Hoddesdon Home, Belmont View, for his wife. We thought it would be nice to share some of the lovely comments made about our Home...

My wife is staying at Belmont View at the far end of Hoddesdon in a room that they regard as small. But it is relatively large and the en-suite bathroom has a walk-in shower. Her dedicated lounge and dining room are also large.

The whole complex is built around a garden area such that a wide corridor encircles the building. Thus the residents can walk a circle, covering about 100 yards. In doing so they pass two more lounges and two more dining rooms that they may freely enter. In addition there are two quite spacious corner areas with settees etc. where they sit for a chat. They can also sit in the spacious reception area.

In addition there is a big activity room which hosts a separate day centre during the week. I’m pleased to say that my Wife is made very welcome here.

For these reasons I feel like my wife can be kept mobile more easily at Belmont View.

Yours truly,

Mr A

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