Glowing letter of thanks to Elizabeth House

Elizabeth House received this lovely letter of thanks as well as a kind donation to their amenities fund.

"In 2015, after a nasty fall and associated health complications, <name> asked us if she could be looked after, rather than struggle on in her home alone. We had tried a period of trying to keep her at home with help, but she felt lonely and very vulnerable once the carers left.

We happened upon Elizabeth House after a series of unsatisfactory visits to care homes in Hatfield. We rang and spoke to Nikki late one afternoon and she invited the three of us to pop over straight after tea, which we did. We were impressed at the modem decor and that residents were still in the lounge, being sociable and not confined to their rooms.

Soon after this <name> was delivered to your care for a trial lunch, whilst we made ourselves scarce. We collected her and she said she liked it and that was that. We had her moved into Room in no time and Elizabeth House became her home and her Family. She felt safe with you and knew that she could always get hold of someone if she was worried about something. She very much enjoyed her trips out to lunch with the Family, knowing that she could go back and tell the staff all about it!

Thank you for the peace of mind we had with her in your care. We are sorry you have had such a terrible time trying to keep peoples' loved ones safe. You do a wonderful job in normal circumstances, but during this pandemic you have done an exceptional one.

Please accept the enclosed cheque in memory of <name> with our heartfelt thanks. Zoe is going to make sure it will end up in your amenities fund to pay for treats like ice creams in the summer or pub lunches for staff on trips out."

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