Greenacres Letter from Daughter

After sadly losing a resident who had been with them for several years, Greenacres received a beautiful letter from his daughter. The loss of a loved one is a difficult time for all of us, and we’re very proud that our staff were able to support the resident and his family both before and after.
‘Dear everyone,
Just a note to say a huge thank you to everyone who looked after Dad during the past three and a bit years, with particularly special thanks to Avaline, Jan and Cherie, Sue, Marta, and Rebecca (managers), Fay, Maria, Finny, Tina, Ruth, Artur and Jackie, to name but a few, and everyone else who cared for him. I would particularly like to thank those people who cared for him during his last few days and who gave him such wonderful end of life care. I don’t think Dad would have found better or even equal care anywhere else. I would also like to thank Jonathan for all the trouble he took to try and engage Dad in different activities, including shaving him from time to time.
It was lovely to see three of you turn up at the funeral, and I’d also like to thank Greenacres for the lovely flowers.
You all do a wonderful job in difficult circumstances, and once again, many thank for all your help during the past three difficult years.’

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