Letter to Nevetts from Resident's Daughter

A beautiful letter sent to Nevetts from the daughter of a resident who has been with them for eight years! It’s fantastic to see that this lady and her mother have had such a wonderful experience of the home!
‘To all our wonderful friends at Nevetts!
Can’t believe it’s nearly eight years since Mum came to live in Buntingford. She always hated the idea of residential care but from the moment our family friend Deb welcomed her across the threshold she was happy and settled at Nevetts. Over the years she and I have made many lovely friends, some sadly no longer with us. Gorgeous George was a particular favourite. He loved me, by the way!!
And to all of you who work at this amazing place she, I and my family, will be forever more grateful than you will ever know. There have been so many carers and managers who have been fantastic; Mancer, Val, Hayley, Louise, Kathy, Maz and many more.
Thanks to you all and for me personally a special warm thank you to my Sunday mates and my Mum’s besties, Annette, Kevin and Lorna. You are simply brilliant!’

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