Testimonial For Greenacres / Mr W, Hemel Hempstead

Dear Toni,

On behalf of all the family I write to thank you personally and the staff at Greenacres for all the care, time and attention in looking after our dear father ….

We are grateful to Greenacres for looking after him so well. I remember with particular gratitude and kindness the attention given to dad in many different ways, immediate examples that come to my mind are the help and assistance in enabling him to attend at his cousin Peter’s funeral and in addressing his special dietary needs. As you know, dad had been in two other care homes prior to his admission to Greenacres, and the whole family would back me in stating without reservation that Greenacres was, by a long stretch, the best of all his homes.

Toni, we really appreciate the service and support provided to dad and family and wish you the very best for the future.

Kind regards,

Mr R W / Letter dated 17th October 2011

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