Testimonial for Minsden / Ms B, Hitchin

Dear Sirs,

It is currently fashionable to criticise care home management for the lack of care given to residents. However I would like to record my thanks to all the staff of the Minsden home most sincerely for the care and consideration given to my late mother. In my view she could not have had better treatment from all concerned. The staff were unfailingly kind to someone who needed a lot of care … It made a lot of difference to us to know that she was in good hands. Whenever I came to take her out, either to church or on a shopping trip, she was always clean and well dressed, even on occasions when I was not able to give prior warning of my visit ….

One member (of staff) was even prepared to give up her day off to bring my mother to the wedding of our daughter two years ago. This was typical of the attitude of the staff, past and present. they deserve every commendation you can give them. I would unfailingly recommend Minsden should anyone ask me…

Yours faithfully,

Ms B / Hitchin / Letter dated 16/08/2011

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