Testimonial for Mountbatten Lodge / Daughter of Mrs. H

To all staff at Mountbatten Lodge … this card is just a tiny token of my thanks to you all for looking after mum for three and a half years….

Not only did you respect mum’s dignity but you embraced fully her character and personality, which at times could be quite feisty and demonstrative. You respected her for who she was…

Mountbatten Lodge became a second home to me and you became part of my extended family. The journey through dementia is not an easy one but I learnt a lot more about mum and her past through her dementia and you supported both mum and me in this.

I expected a high quality of care for mum but what I did not expect, and found in abundance, was your outpouring of love, concern and affection – not only to mum, but to me also and others in my family…keep doing what you do so well, with cheerfulness and good heart.

My love to you all,

Daughter and Family of Mrs. H / Letter of 25th April 2011.

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