Testimonials for Belmont View

Dear Sally & your wonderful team of warriors!!

Words alone cant express the heartfelt thank we wish to send you for taking care of our dear Joan.

The love and kindness that you all shared her was a joy. We know now that she is at peace & up there with Nibby giving him some choice wards!!

With our love to you all

Bob & Sue xxxx


To all the staff at Belmont View who looked after John,

Thank you all so much for looking after Maurice and John. All your love and care and attention helped to ease their wishes when they became incapable of looking after themselves, for which all of us are very grateful. We were very moved to see so many of you who managed to find the time to come to their funeral and would like to thank you so much for your generous attention and gifts.

With highest regards to you all,

L. and B.B.

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