Thank you all very very much!


First of all, I want to thank you all for such a wonderful party for my grandma yesterday, it really could not have gone better and the amount of effort and care that you all clearly had put into it was deeply appreciated. The cake was amazing and again, the time and thought was amazing and again, the time and thought were obvious. Thank you all so very very much! 

She was born just before the end of WW1, she went into Nursing and so was a Nurse through and ironic that my Grandad was born at the beginning of WW1 in 1914 and would have been 104 this year I believe, Mum was saying he died in 1983 and he died on 11th November on Armistice Day. So this time of year is always important to us. My Grandad inspired me to paint. I know that Grandma enjoyed yesterday, you could see she knew that something big was happening involving her. She always said she wanted to live to 100 and she did it. Thank you all very much for making it so special. 

I have attached the photos that I used on her Birthday cared as requested and over the next couple of emails I have attached some photos from the day. I have also put in the post today, to mum and dad. 

Thank you once again, very best wishes. 


Grandaughter xxxx


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