Thank you for care at Belmont View

Thanks to the staff of Belmont View for caring for their mother. 


Dear All, 

I would like to express our thanks to you and all the staff and helpers at Belmon View for the kind and helpful way that you have treated and look after our mum. 

Whilst she was able she always expressed her thanks and we know that she has been looked after and treated with the best possible assitance available by such nice and caring people. 

Both <sister's name> my sister, <wife's name> my wife and I would like to thank you very much with our sincerest thanks for all that you have done for mum over the past five or so years. 

For all your help, care and concern over these past years, the family and I are all very grateful to you all. 

Please convey these thanks on to all members and staff at the Centre."

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