Belmont View Q-Club Poem!

4 July 2015

Our Day By The Sea

We’re going on a coach trip,
Dear ole’ dad and me.
Something we both look forward to,
A day out by the sea.

Seems we’ve picked a lovely day,
The sun should be through soon.
And if the traffic’s not to bad,
We should be there by noon.

We’ll go to the beach, and get some chairs,
Find a suitable place to stay.
Then time to soak up this lovely sun,
And relax in the usual way.

We’ll settle down, and off will come,
Me’ shoes and stockings too.
I’ll put me sun at’ on me’ ead
And dad his cap of blue.

Me’ suncream on me’ arms and legs,
And a little on me’ nose.
Seems dad’s got his eyes shut,
Don’t take him long to doze.

I’ll have a toddle down to the sea,
It looks so nice and blue.
The sky is clear, the sun is warm,
And the sea is lovely too.

The water feels so nice and cool,
On my poor, tired old feet.
It makes them feel so nice and fresh,
It really is a treat.

I’m starting to feel peckish,
So think lunch time must be near,
I’ll get myself a cuppa’,
And dad his can of beer.

I could eat a sannie’,
Seems dad is peckish too,
Three cheers for good old bread and cheese,
Without it, what would we do.

Now its time to take a stroll
And have a quick look around,
Before its time to catch the coach,
Then we’ll be homeward bound.

I can’t resist a Candy Floss,
A Toffee Apple too.
Time the perhaps for another cuppa’,
You can’t beat a good ole’ brew!!