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BT Hatfield Team Fundraising at Greenacres Care Home

Greenacres Paintings

Every once and a while staff in our care homes are approached by someone and asked if there is anything they can do to help the residents. It’s always a wonderful thing when someone offers to get involved like this and we’re very grateful when it happens, not just because of the contribution of someone else’s time and effort, but also because it helps build relationships between our residents and the local community in which their home is located.

Recently residents and staff at Greenacres, our care home in Hatfield, were approached by the kind folks at BT Hatfield and asked if there was anything that they could do to contribute to the home. This lead to a number of projects and events all designed to bring even more positivity and happiness into the lives of the residents.

One of these was a gardening project which saw Jeff and Charlotte from BT volunteer their time to add a little something extra to the gardens at Greenacres. They kindly helped residents plant garlic, lettuce, potatoes, onions and runner beans as well as do some general garden maintenance.

The BT team also held a strawberries and cream event, a cake sale and a Champagne raffle on their own premises to raise extra funds for the residents.

The final joint venture was an art project based around sporting icons, inspired by the number of sporting events taking place during the summer. Residents created three wonderful paintings which were then auctioned by the team at BT Hatfield to raise further funds for the residents of Greenacres. Valerie created a portrait of Rafael Nadal, Jean and Shelagh worked together to create a portrait of Pelé and Shelagh created a portrait of Lewis Hamilton. All three paintings were fabulous and were snapped up on auction day.

The funds kindly raised by the team at BT Hatfield were used to buy 4 new tablet computers for the residents of Greenacres and they will be presented to the home by the colleagues of BT Hatfield on Friday 22nd July 2022.