Caring for our Colleagues

24 March 2021

Exercise and Nutrition Seminars for Care Teams

At Quantum Care, we understand the impact that working throughout the pandemic can have on our teams, which is why we are introducing Exercise and Nutrition seminars for our colleagues. The seminars will be delivered by Kevin Coulter who is a fitness, mobility and nutritional therapist. He looks at people who have busy jobs and hectic lifestyles and shows them how they can improve their physical and mental wellbeing with realistic changes. 

The seminars last for 30 to 45 minutes and cover:

·         Advice and practical solutions to improving your relationship with food and exercise

·         The best ways to eat well and stay energetic

·         Improving your physical and mental wellbeing with realistic changes

If you are a Quantum Care team member and would like to book on to one of these sessions, please contact one of the following:

Rob Geary:
Liz Peter:
Jo Reid:

Or telephone them on their extensions.  You can book on to attend at work or at home through Zoom.