Sage advice from the residents of Belmont View, our home in Hoddesdon

23 July 2021

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but we all look back from time to time and ask, what do we know now that we wish we had known then?

This is the question posed by carer Ellia to the residents of Belmont View, our care home in Hoddesdon. After all, given their collective experience, the people we care for are some of the wisest in society and the residents were very happy to share that wisdom with us.

Brian, 79, offered “Believe in your ability” and it seems that Chris, 69, was on the same page saying “Always be confident”. Connie, 98, suggested that some good advice would be to “Work hard at school” whereas Emily, 91, said “Try to live every moment. Make it count!”.

Some further excellent advice comes from Elsie, 91, who urges everyone to “Be kind to the elderly” and similarly, 86 year old Rose encourages everyone to “Think about other people’s feelings”.

We’ll leave you with this advice from 77-year-old Claire, given that we’ve all probably done things that we wish we hadn’t. “Act in haste, repent at leisure”. So true Claire, so true.