Choosing a home

Care homes generally provide two main types of care for long term residents:

• Residential Care (including specialist dementia care)
• Nursing Care

With both these types of care, your loved one will live in the home and personal care, meals, bathing, any necessary medication, activities and entertainment etc. will all be provided. Nursing care, however, provides extra care for residents whose needs are such that specialist nursing provision is required (for instance certain disabilities or conditions).

Not all care homes are able to provide nursing care, so you should make sure that the ones you are considering do provide it if it is needed for your loved one.

How do I choose?

Firstly it’s important to make sure that each of the homes you are considering provides the right type of care. Once this has been done it’s worth checking that any home you are considering has a solid track record of providing quality care. Every home is assessed on a regular basis by the Care Quality Commission and each home has a report available online that you can view.

Local reputation is another aid in the selection process. You may be aware of a number of homes in your local area and you may already have heard a little about them.

We have found that location is a key factor for many of our families and residents when deciding on a home. Visiting your loved one on a regular basis can be inconvenient if their home is hard to get to. Many of our families enjoy getting involved with our homes, including supporting events and activities such as garden parties and dinner clubs, so being close may be important.

Ultimately, visiting the home will give you the best insight into whether it’s right for you and your family. There’s an emotional aspect to the choice that is hard to define but particularly important. Visiting the home, taking a tour, chatting to the staff etc. is a great way to get a feel for that all important “atmosphere”. You’ll know it when you feel it and it’s something we work very hard on in our own homes because we know how important it is.

Find your nearest Quantum Care Home

To find your nearest care home please visit our Care Home pages.

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