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Community Challenge Update: Special Guests Dine at Fosse House

Dignitaries at Fosse House

On Monday 16th of October, Mr Harjit Singh Deputy Lieutenant of Hertfordshire and Gurch Randhawa, Professor of Diversity in Public Health and Director, Institute for Health Research at the University of Bedfordshire, visited Fosse House, one of our care homes in St. Albans. Joining them at the home was Enoch Kanagaraj, founder and CEO of One Vision, a community-based charity that provides practical support to vulnerable individuals and families.

They were invited to the home to take part in a special dining event organised by staff members Bibi and Pami for residents, their families and the special guests.

The meal, which was a feast of Indian cuisine, helped the home complete the “Dignitary Challenge”, one of the 15 challenges that they have been set as part of the Quantum Care Community Challenge. This competition runs across the month of October and sees all of our care homes compete to complete challenges for a maximum of 140 points and for a chance to win fabulous prizes. 

The three course meal which ended with a Punjabi Chaa da cup, a Masala tea, was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone there and the evening was filled with conversation and laughter.

Julie Oakley-Reid, the manager at Fosse House said: “It was wonderful to see our residents and their families enjoying the amazing meal that Bibi and Pami put on for the evening. Everyone had a fabulous time! It was also lovely to welcome our special guests who were an absolute delight and who really helped make the evening a special one. I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to them for coming to Fosse House to meet our residents and their families and for all the support that they provided”.