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Willow Court Valentine's Couple Celebrate 54th Wedding Anniversary

Willow Court Valentines

(Image: Lynda, centre, with her friends Michael and Susan). Valentine’s Day is a very special day for Lynda and Ray, two of our residents living at Willow Court in Harpenden. As well as it being the international day of love, it just so happens to be the day on which, 54 years ago, they got married.

Both Lynda and Ray have lived their lives in Hertfordshire and met at a dance in the Aldenham Sports and Social Club where they shared their very first slow dance. Their engagement followed an 18 month-long courtship and the wedding itself took place in 1970 in Watford. This was followed by a honeymoon on the Isle of Man, where Ray indulged his passion for Motorcycles at the Island’s world famous TT Races.

Lynda and Ray have an active social life and have made some lifelong friends along the way so when the staff at Willow Court suggested that their 54th wedding anniversary be celebrated at the home, some of those friends were sure to be involved.

The staff planned a special Valentine’s Day Tea in the home’s Candy Cart Tearoom where Lynda, Ray and some of their friends could get together to mark the special occasion. Lynda bought a beautiful red and black dress in preparation for the big day and Ray was set to wear a suit and tie. Unfortunately Ray was taken ill before the event but the couple’s son, Matthew suggested the celebration went ahead and everyone agreed.

Lynda and Ray’s friends, Michael and Susan, arrived on Valentines Day morning and were soon greeted by Lynda, resplendent in red and black velvet. They then walked together to the tearooms, chatting all the way. Tea was served along with various cream cakes and, of course, some bubbly.

It was lovely to mark such a special occasion and, even though circumstances meant that Ray couldn’t be there, he was in everyone’s thoughts particularly those of Lynda, his loving wife.